Jászivány, Kövesút dűlő

Family house For sale
Floor area 115 m²
Lot size 2 700 m²
Number of rooms 3 + 2 half
56 000 000 € 18 million HUF
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Family house For sale

Condition of property in good condition
Építés éve 1981-2000 között
Utility level not specified
Energy Performance Certificate not specified
Floors of the building 2
Fűtés not specified
Accessible not specified
Bathroom and toilet not specified
Views not specified
Attic loft conversion possible
Basement / Cellar not specified
Parking not specified
Up for sale an alpine style family house with a 115 square meter floor area + 1 story.
The property located in Jászivány close proximity to an enviromental protected area of the Great Plain.

Every street of the town has hard road.
The neighbour cities just to mention Jászapáti and Jászszentandrás could be approached with less
than a 10 minute driveway and are well known of their thermal spa's.
One of Middle Europe's well known fertile truffle mining area just surrounding the town.

The property built in 1990, has made of exclusively first quality materials such as the larch roofing covered with Bramac
tile and by the way it is located on the highest point of the town.Walls made of Porotherm HB36 has 3 room and 2 small room including 2 bathroom and
2 WC.
The town has an elevation of 91 meters.
Stability featuring the house as a whole and it is absolutely without any crack.
Heating provided by primarly a furnace(coal,wood), by the way an equipped gas furnace also exists.

Our property located on a 2700 square meter size of lot.
It has planted orchard,which provides fruit for the household(such as peach,almond,sour cherry,plum and apple).
An oak and akacia forest plantation also adds to the property. The produced fruits and vegetables
have a perfect place to store in wintertime in one of the two cellars.
One is made of freestone in 1927 and the other made of brick.
Secondarly to the towns water supply,the whole lot could be irrigated by the property's own drilled well.
The healthy water supply provided by the newly reconstructed/drilled public utility well,the water is being supplied from a 750m depth.

The safe parking of the vehicles are provided by a garage and by 2 covered parking lots.

Regarding to the outbuildings on the lot as well as to the size of the property, to the belonging
renewable forestry, the property can provide self sufficient farming.
Industrial electricity(380v) also available.
Ready to move in, recently painted interior, no renewal necessary.

Based on serious interest further pictures about the living facilities/interior etc. are happily provided.
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