Békéscsaba, Berényi út 130.

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Floor area 4 005 m²
Lot size 14 923 m²
1 444 000 € 523 million HUF
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Békéscsaba is the county seat of Békés County, a town with county rights, economic and geographical centre of the region. The town has an area of 193.93 km2 and 60,000 residents. The town is situated in the South Eastern part of Hungary, located about 210 km from Budapest, 95 km from Szeged, and 130 km from Debrecen and 60 km from Arad (Romania).

From a vehicular and geographical aspect, the accessibility of Békéscsaba is good, the town can be approached on public roads and on railways, and it has a regional airport with a hard surfaced runway and it is capable of receiving airplanes up to 50-60 passengers. The geographical accessibility of Békéscsaba is undergoing a serious development, the infrastructure of both public roads and railways will be improving in the near future.

On a regional level Békéscsaba has always been a vehicular and a railway junction. The roads 44 (Budapest – Kecskemét – Békéscsaba – Gyula) and 47 (Debrecen – Szeged) meet here. Also the main international railway line No. 120 (Budapest – Szolnok – Békéscsaba – Arad – Temesvár – Thessaloniki) and the railway line between Nagyvárad and Szeged intersect each other here.

The town's airport can be found 14 km from the Hungarian-Romanian border. It is located between Békéscsaba and Gyula and it is the only regional commercial airport in Békés County, which has a solid pavement runway, aprons, taxiways and modern lighting technology. The air transport creates new opportunities for local enterprises. The airport is capable of receiving planes up to 50-60 passengers. Parking is possible concurrently for 3 small planes and 1 large plane. The airport has a serious improvement potential, so through investments, it can become the logistics base of the region

The industrial area is located in Békéscsaba on Berényi út, along the M44 city entrance road under construction, 350 meters from the bypass road and only 2.5 km from the town center. The total size of the area is 14,923 square meters which consists of two plots, there are a total of 4,005 square meters of industrial hall buildings in the area.

The area has public utilities - electricity, water and sewerage, gas supply are available.
Consumption capacity for electricity supply: 170 kW
Regarding water supply in the area: 18 m³/day
Sewerage capacity: 3 m³/day
Gas supply extraction capacity: 40 m³/hour

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