Békéscsaba, Csorvási út

Company site For sale
Floor area 6 100 m²
Lot size 27 800 m²
1 921 770 € 680 million HUF

Company site For sale

The company site can be reached from direction of Budapest via the new expressway car road (to be finished this year) which is 1800 meter from the entrance (through Szarvasi út).The city center is ca 5 km from the company site, can be reached easily through Szarvasi út. There is a bus station 200 meter from the
The company site has public utilities - electricity, water and sewerage, gas supply are available.
The buildings listed below are in different conditions. Right now 75 % of the buildings a rented out, all of them has separate utiity meters (water, electricity, gas). List of buildings in Hungarian and English:
1.Porta – Reception: 8,1 m2
2.Iroda, műhely – At present warehouse: 205 m2
3.Tűzi víz tározó, raktárépület – Fire water reservoir: 250 m3, warehouse 1047 m2
4.üzemcsarnok – production facility: 2237 m2
5.TMK és kötöde – at present warehouse: 848 m2
6.Nyitott raktár – Open-air warehouse: 127 m2
7.Zárt színek- Small warehouse: 28 m2
8.Központi kazánház mintázó- at present workshop: 322 m2, warehouse 192 m2
9.Irodaépület – Office building, condition: needs renovation, 2 floors: 383 m2
10.Műhelyépület – production facility: 244 m2
11.Szociális épület – Warehouse, office: 230 m2

Average prices in the area

The average sqm price is based on the prices of properties in similar size and condition category.

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