Balatonmáriafürdő, Somogy megye

Hotel, motel, B&B... For sale
Floor area 23 198 m²
Price 750 million HUF
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KissJaksa Ingatlan Iroda
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Hotel, motel, B&B... For sale

The site (plot number 94) is 14.499 sq. meters. It is basically rectangle from the fence line in Ady Endre street up to Lake Balaton.
Please find attached also the official site map.
(Please note that the site is actually divided into two independent plots, but the unification is under way and we have received already all official approvals.)
1.What is the front on the Lake? And is it direct lake front or is there road to cross?
The site has direct access to the Lake. It consists of two parts. 24 meters are owned (belong to the plot 94) and another 51 meters (plot 209/9) are rented. The latest plot is owned by the State and it is in the permanent use of the local Municipality with whom we have a long-term lease agreement. The rental agreement shall be renewed every 10 years due to legal restrictions.
2.Is all of the development projections "as-of-right" or do they require variances from the municipality?
The envisaged development requires some minor modifications in the Municipality Master Plan. The process has been started and we will have the final result around the end of 2017.
The material changes in the requirements are as follows:
•The built-in area will be increased from 30 % to 45 %.
•The maximum height of the buildings will be increased from 7,5 meters to 12,5 meters.
•The minimum proportion of the green areas shall be increased from 10 % to 30 % as required by the relevant Authority.
•The actual restriction regarding the maximum number of flats per independent buildings (4) will be lifted.

3.Are there any plans approved or the renderings are conceptual drawings by current ownership and the incoming developer can design whatever building they want?
The actual visual plans are conceptual designs ordered by the actual owner of the site. They can be modified by any potential developer within the framework of the modified Municipality Master Plan.
4.Are there height restrictions? If so, how many stories or linear square meter height maximum?
The modified Municipality Master Plan will allow the construction of (in average) 12,50 meters high buildings. As I mentioned this figure is an average. It means that some parts of a building can be higher than 12,5 meters in case other parts of the same building are lower than 12,50 meters.
In the Main Building we plan a Parking Level (-3,0 meters below the actual ground level), a Main Level, three Normal Levels and a Level for Penthouses.
In the Villa Buildings we plan a Parking Level at -1,5 meters, a Main Level at +1,5 meters, two Normal Levels and a Level for Penthouses.
5.What is the total allowable (per current zoning) buildable square meters on the site? Namely how many square meters commercial/hotel permitted, residential permitted, retail, medical, etc.? Any of those categories specifically restricted?
According to the actual zoning requirements 4.350 square meters are buildable on the site. This figure will be increased to 6.525 square meters according to the modified Municipality Master Plan. The maximum size of the building (calculating all levels) is actually 20.299 square meters. This figure will be increased to 23.198 square meters according to the modified Municipality Master Plan.
As mentioned earlier, actually buildings containing only 4 flats can be built on the site. This restriction will be lifted with the modification of the Municipality Master Plan.
There are no specific restrictions for the size (proportion) of the specific types of the buildings. On the site you can built:
•Flats (residential buildings for all seasons)
•Holiday houses or apartments (no heating system is obligatory)
•Commercial facilities
•Service facilities
•Hotels, restaurants etc.
•Medical or rehabilitation facilities
•Sport, religious, cultural facilities

6.Are there any competitive brands on the Lake with similar concepts that you are advocating and if so which ones by brand?
There are no international brands present at the Lake. The prestigious Hungarian hotel company, Danubius operates two hotels in Hévíz and another Hungarian chain (Hunguest) operates hotels in Keszthely and Balatonalmádi. The construction of some apartments parks has started recently. The total number of new flats under construction is between 300-500. The renovation of some old hotels is also contemplated. Our project is unique, because we would like to develop a compound for full year use. (The season at the lake Balaton is quite short – only 3-5 months.)
7.Basic demographic information: Annual tourist turnover. Length of season.
Hungary has 10 million inhabitants. Balatonmáriafürdő is close to Austria, our western neighbor with 9 million inhabitants. Important to mention that there is an international airport (Hévíz-Balaton Airport) only 20 kilometers from our site. The number of passengers of the airport (mostly from Germany and partly also from Russia) was around 16.000 in 2015.
Even more important is Hévíz, a city only 22 kilometers from our site. This is the only one place around the Lake Balaton where 8 spa-hotels are operating. This city with Hungary’s most famous thermal lake is a paradise for those who would like to be healthier or are in a rehabilitation after a surgery or a stroke.
Hévíz is the center of rehabilitation related to various types of movement disorders not only for Hungarians, but also among Russian patients.
In 2015 the Lake Balaton had 1,5 million visitors who spent there 5 million nights in commercial facilities. There were 529 accommodation facilities around the Lake with a total of 120.000 places. More than half of the places (66.000) are in camps with small wooden houses or places for tents. There are only 33.000 places in hotels.
Speaking about Hungary as a whole, the number of tourists is increasing dramatically. The Budapest International Airport has more than 10 million passengers per year. Budapest is practically overcrowded with tourists. The Balaton again becomes a popular target for tourists due to the fact that the level of services has significantly improved recently, prices are relatively low and Hungary is (still) a “terrorist-free” country.
Another important factor to mention is the rapidly increasing demand for newly built flats not only in Budapest, but also around the Lake Balaton. This surprising surge is due to a new real estate boom in Hungary as a response to practically zero interest rate. People do not want to keep their savings in the banks and are investing in newly built flats practically at any cost. Even foreigners (mostly Russians, Germans, Austrians) are buying real estates around the lake at a significant speed.
The last argument what I want to mention is the increasing need (demand) for private (!) medical (rehabilitation) services. This tendency is due to the collapse of the Hungarian state health service. The situation is very similar for example in Russia and Russians have known Hungary too well for decades.
So what would our project offer for the potential clients?
•The possibility to buy a flat (with very reduced VAT) or a holiday apartment.
•A full facility management service, including the renting out of the flats.
•All types of holiday and services, including a Club House.
•Medical rehabilitation services for the owners or outside patients during the whole year.
I hope the above summary fulfills your requirements. Please do not hesitate to come back to us with further questions.
Sitio de Calahonda, the 4th of Augu

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